How To Create Your Perfect Career When No One Job Ticks the Boxes.


A unique 21 day intensive DIY course, for creative people who are tired of jobs, offices and only living for the weekends.

With Marianne Cantwell


I have so many half-ideas and things I’d love to do, but I’m never sure enough. How can I figure this out if I change my mind every week?

In my head the only way out is to get another job and I can’t see the point of that. I can’t imagine one job that will keep me happy year after year.”



“The worst thing is that things I think of don’t always sound feasible – for example some of the things I’m interested in are competitive and I don’t have the experience.

I’m going around in circles trying to Google a solution and I can’t see a way out!”

You feel you can’t choose any one option, because you’ll be closing the door on other possibilities.

(Oh yes, I live in your brain).

Having many things you would potentially like to do (but no idea how to choose which is actually right) is paralysing.

As a result you stay where you are (commuting to a job you don’t like… or running a business your heart isn’t in… spending your time doing something you don’t care about, month after month). Going around in circles. Maybe saying:

“I can’t put all that effort into moving in a new direction when I don’t know if it’s the right thing.”

Another way.

What if you could find a free range career that ticks all your interests?


Something you’ll never get bored of? A place where you can stop putting your life on hold and start doing what you love every day?

If you are spinning in circles, never taking a step forward because you can’t decide what ONE thing you want to do, you need to know there is another way. 


  • There is a way other than waiting for that elusive lightening bolt of inspiration to strike.
  • An alternative to waiting for an employer to just ‘give’ you a dream job (in a new field where you have no experience!)
  • There is a way other than being stuck in a place that really isn’t you, grinding away at the same thing until you’re 65.


The reality is that people like us can spend our whole lives frustrated trying to find that magic idea that will tick every box – even if we find that ‘one magic solution’, chances are we will be so unqualified for it the employer won’t take us on. (Or we can spend ages trying to dream up a ‘good business idea’ – but never really find anything you’re sure enough about).

You are unique. No one else has your strengths, your perspective, your dreams and more. And you want the variety, freedom and flexibility that goes beyond commuting and sitting out each day in a soulless office. Waiting for the one perfect prepackaged job (or off-the-shelf business) to tick all your ever changing boxes isn’t going to get you anywhere.


You want to sort this out without Googling options for another 12 months? I hear you.

I also hear the secret wish underneath it all… most of all, you want to get this one right.

Here’s your solution: creating your own, bespoke, perfect-fit free range career.

Going free range means saying yes to taking back control of your time + your life… creating an always-flexible solution, made to measure for you (without leaving any piece of you behind).

And it means saying no thanks to the world of cubicle-cage employment (or old-style business) where you have to pick a job-box, leave your personality at the door + compromise your dreams in order to fit in.

Free Range Humans have said goodbye to offices, commutes, and living only for the weekends – they work when, where and how they choose and best of all their businesses and careers are created for them, made to measure without compromise.

This isn’t about going self employed and doing something you don’t really like and struggling to bring in the money each month: our Free Range course members learn how to create their own rules, constantly tweak their ‘careers’ to suit their personality, lifestyle and the people they care about, and they learn to think smart to make what they love pay as much or even more than the job (or business) they left to do it.

Want to join us?

As “scanner” type, I’ve always had eight million interests and constant ideas (but was never sure if any of them could work or how to decide).

This course changed everything: as a direct result I quit my so called “good  career” (something I used to secretly think was unrealistic without the support of a partner or massive savings!) and went from a 4 hour commute to a life where I’m doing several things I love, as my own boss: now work and play are completely intertwined. I’m making an income on my terms.

Before this course I didn’t know that was possible for someone like me.


Carla Watkins

Over 21 days I’ll show you how to take back control by creating the blueprint for your perfect Free Range career – and put everything you want into one tailor made solution that works for you.


I’m going to guide you through the process of going from “I have no idea how to choose what I want!”, through to creating a solution that integrates the things you love, the lifestyle you want, and the person you are.

And while we all love dreaming we also live in the real world so this isn’t about putting it all on the line for a half baked idea that you may or may not like in real life: I’ll show you how you can figure out what you want and start with no risk (even while you are still in your job).

You’ll learn step by step how to pull together all your half-ideas, obsessions, dreams and uniqueness to create a bespoke work + life, that feels like it was built for you. (Which it was).

ooh shiny

The days of endless searching for your perfect work + life? Of spending yet another evening searching for answers online (and once again not ending up any clearer, but with with a whole bunch more ‘gah’)? Are over. We’re stepping you into a new way of looking at your options:

Get started

If you’re ready for a change, start here

How to Create Your Perfect Career When No One Job Fits:

The 21 day homestudy course.

In 21 days you will have finally drawn out the blueprint for the Free Range career you want (even if you have no idea what that is now), learnt the tools you need to get started, and a template to get moving in 2017. You will leave not only inspired and motivated, but with an 8 week plan for the project you’re going to launch to get started on your new journey. Plus you will see new possibilities for what you can do that will make you happy, long term.

  • YOU WILL DISCOVER how other people like you have created a successful free range career – be inspired and learn from their experiences.
  • YOU WILL LEARN how to create your Free Range solution that lets you decide on a career direction without fear of getting bored or changing your mind
  • YOU WILL TAKE CONTROL by learning how to integrate all your interests, and creating a made-to-measure own-boss career (and understanding how you can create a business that evolves with you)
  • YOU WILL BE ON THE PATH THERE with a blueprint for your new work-life, and an 8 week plan to launch a project to begin to make your change happen in 2017.


  • A whole step-by-step process to work through – with worksheets, advice, stories, and me holding your hand virtually throughout.
  • I draw on my years of coaching experience to give you ass-kicking audios, straight-talking advice, and clear strategies to shake things up and make real change happen.
  • Full workbook with exercises and explanations, with a new module emailed to you every week to keep you going! 
  • Multiple audios of me talking you through each step of the process (‘coaching’ you through the stuff you need to know so you’re never on your own)
  • Template for making it happen in 2017.
  • 3 bonus recordings of hour long group coaching teleclasses. Each week, listen to a recording of me coaching other people through the same journey.

Plus for a limited time there’s a whole extra week included for free. THE PREQUEL: DEFROSTING is a whole extra week of materials, on top of the 21 Days, where we help you get ready, break out of the old ‘cubicle cage’ rules, think different and put yourself in the best position to make this change happen for real.

21 Day Course defrosting In the 21 Day Course you learn how to discover that ‘totally you’ idea, get clear on what you really want to do with your life… and discover an avenue to getting paid without compromising your personality. This is not a live coaching programme. However I include a LOT of audios of me coaching you through the process, and you also get to hear three hour-long coaching calls with a small group who went through this course live with me.

You will not be short of direction, and you won’t be lacking my guidance (which you can take in at your pace).

I’m not holding back here: I’m giving you everything you need to learn how to combine everything that is most important to you into one tailor made Free Range career. And you leave with your plan to get rolling.

Find my really-right idea

Your course has been exactly what I needed to help navigate through the work & life transitions I’m facing. This has been exceptional. It’s helped me address my challenges and move forward more than anything else I’ve ever seen.


Kris Recarde

I am buzzing. For the first time in ages, I feel like I have my life (and my dreams) back.   


Caroline Jones

what this is not

This isn’t some generic careers or business course where we bang on about ‘transferable skills’ and put you in a career-box (that leaves you going ‘holy heck, I have to do what now?’).

This is not about ‘jobs’, this is about Free Range Careers where you work for yourself, on your own terms, doing  what you love as your own boss. If you find the term ‘job for life’ appealing, then sorry, this isn’t the place. (But I don’t think that’s you, so read on!)

This isn’t a quick “bandaid” fix: if you need to go from ‘no idea’ to bringing in a full income by next month, this isn’t the place. We’re about creating a work and life you’ll still love in 5 years’ time:

Because an answer that fits? Is better than 100 ‘maybes’ that leave you spinning.

I spent years going around in circles not being able to figure out what I really wanted to or should be doing.

I was beating myself up for not having it all sorted “by my age”, and for constantly changing my mind. Secretly I’d started to wonder if I was one of those people who would never figure things out: like maybe people who did find their thing had something that I was missing, that the pieces of my puzzle just wouldn’t fit together.

But the approaches you learn on the 21 day course turned that around: this wasn’t an overnight discovery for me but now I’ve found my direction and I’m on my way. (I even landed my first paid client this month on the side of my job – I’m excited about the future!).


Laura Bennett


This is created for the sort of smart, creative person you are (even if that creative side hasn’t had a chance to show up quite as much as you’d like lately!)

This is for someone like you who wants more from life (ie: more than yet another rung on the career ladder).

You’re someone who wants to live your life, not watch more years tick by as you stay stuck in an office, living for the holidays and wishing for something better.


“I already have lots of half-ideas for things I might like to do… but I keep flitting between them, never sure which (if any) are the answer!”

I hear you. What’s going to be REALLY right? What won’t you get bored with? What is still going to excite you in 5 years’ time? How can you make a decision if that means closing off other possibilities?

I’m like you: I’m a Scanner, an ENFP, or in regular language: a person who wants it all and is always buzzing with possibilities. I’ve figured out how to create a tailor made career solution that gives me everything I want, and now I help people like us fly the coop.

This course is created for you my dear. It marks the end of compromise, frustration and going around in circles trying to be someone you’re not.

getting started



If you’re like me you scrolled straight down to this bit! Welcome! Ok, let’s get to it: one of the reasons I put this course together is that if you want to work with me you have to join a $1000 (£600) programme, or higher. My individual coaching is above that price for one hour.

This 21 Day course is a one off opportunity to go Free Range for only $400. And right now you can get in for under half price.

This offer for the DIY course + bonus intro week is available until October 22

“I have to confess I was a bit cynical when I first joined the programme. I thought that there just wasn’t anything out there that would help… after doing the puzzle exercise in week two I had a breakthrough… now I know what I want to do and I’m launching a project to get started!”

Cost is $400 for the 21 Day programme including workbook, audio coaching, recordings, template for 8 week kick-start plan, and BONUS inspirational ‘Prequel’ intro week to get you going. Yup, a full extra week is included in the price, for a limited time.

ooh shiny

October offer: Book by October 22 and get the full programme (with two bonuses) for $125

I'm in!

PLUS AN EXTRA BONUS Earlybirds get access to a straight-to-the-point talk by Marianne Cantwell, that covers one key secret about how to get started fast in whatever Free Range career you choose by standing out from the crowd (without worrying about the competition)

-> That’s the whole 21 Day Course (plus a bonus week) for under half price when you book by October 22.

This is a fully international course and we have people join from the UK, USA, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Asia and more. Just join as normal and the payment system will do the conversion for you, nice and simple.


Exciting times! I’m creating a work-life that makes my heart sing thanks to the 21 Day Course. This has had a tremendous positive impact on my life – thank you.


Megan Peirson

I have a mortgage, teenager, bills and a house full of “stuff”. I used to tell myself that made any discovery or change impossible, but if I told you what has happened after coming across Free Range Humans, you’d hardly believe me.

Within a month of running my project off the back of this course, I had so many opportunities come my way that I’ve gone from worrying about having no work to worrying about having to turn some of it down!

More to the point, what I’m doing now is different to what I imagined before (it’s much more ‘me’). This got me to explore options in a new way; one of the many things I found useful was understanding my strengths and what I needed to use them in a way that worked.

If there’s any doubt in your mind about doing this course? Do it. This is a massively exciting time for me and I would not have done this if it wasn’t for Free Range Humans.


Jon Masters

After doing the 21 Day course I figured out my direction, and launched my free range career! It feels wonderful. This gave me confidence and direction to unlock what was inside.

You have given me the gift of freedom and I can’t thank you enough.


Jessy Paston


What else would you do in 21 days?

Google a few more ideas that won’t go anywhere?

Get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’… and get even more overwhelmed about “what you want to be when you grow up?”

This right here is your chance to stop ‘just thinking’ and start doing. If you’ve read this far you already know this is right for you – you want something more and it’s time to get it.

Click here to join us, we’ll get you started ASAP!



I’d hesitated from signing up because I was worried I would ‘fail’ – the Free Range ethos sounded like a massive fantasy, something for ‘other people’ But I pushed through my fear and it was honestly life-changing.  My eyes were opened to the possibility of doing something else – on my terms.

I’ve gone from not knowing what I wanted/could do, to creating my “own boss” career, totally moulded around my lifestyle and my strengths. When I think of the unhappy “trapped in a corporate career” person I was when I came across this page, I can hardly believe the change in my life. I’m excited about what’s to come!

susie says

Susie Jones

Hold up, I genuinely love this – but I’m busy right now

Q: What you describe here sounds so much like me! But I’m really busy right now. Does it all have to be completed in 21 days?

A: Joining now gets the first module to your inbox right away – but if you have a busy week or can’t start right away or if your work/life is fuller than a just-microwaved popcorn bag, no problem: the course materials are yours to keep for as long as you need them, so you can do this at your pace.  (in other words: YES you can do this on your schedule, AND still secure this great offer by joining now ;). You’re in the right place – let’s make it happen!

I'm in!

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” – Karen Lamb