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The original Free Range Human


I know, you, honey. I know you’re the person who wants more than what everyone else is telling you you should be grateful for.

You’re the person who doesn’t want to spend the rest of your life commuting to that office and eating lunch at your desk, working your life away in a career you ‘fell into’, living for your 3 weeks’ holiday a year (and spending the rest of the time looking up holidays online ;)).

I know you did ‘all the right things’ to get where you are, and you’re thinking… is this the pay off? Really? Forever?

I know you’re secretly dreaming of winning the lottery so you can make that escape and stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

(Or, maybe you’re just out of the cubicle cage and looking to make this work out. Somehow).

I know this all for a simple reason:

A few years ago I was where you are today.


I used to feel like you do right now. I had what seemed to be a glittering career in media, and city consultancy, yet I was secretly miserable – quietly thinking, isn’t there more to life than living for the weekends? I spent hours browsing job sites, and kept hopping from one job to another hoping to find ‘the one’.
Somehow, that plan never worked out.

After going through multiple career changes, I realised that I kept making ‘half’ a leap to a Free Range life, without an office or a boss, but was too ‘chicken’ to make the full change to get there. Never quite figuring out a) what I wanted to do and b) how to actually make it work. (I had a bit of a shoe habit to support)

I had to figure out some tough questions like, ‘who am I’, and ‘what will make me happy every day (and does not come in chocolate form)’? Those were hard questions. Oh, and ‘how do I actually make money?’ That was a biggie too

One day, I decided to stopping saying ‘if only’ and instead dive in and make this life happen

I read up on every life change idea out there, undertook personality assessments (I’m an ENFP which tells you just about everything you need to know), started experimenting and found out what it was that made for a really-right Free Range Life for me.

I figured out that actually I COULD create a bespoke career, where I do lots of stuff I love rather than choosing one thing, forever.

So I stopped ‘thinking about it’, and started doing it. For real. 


Without another job lined up. Without a backup plan. Just the knowledge that I never wanted to commute to a cubicle again. Did I mention there was a recession on too?

Pretty quickly I learnt what it took to create a living without an office or a boss. I started a few ventures at the same time. I made some mistakes. I learnt some things fast, and others the hard way.

But within 3 months of launching I was quoted as an expert in a book and (this part is good) by the end of the first year I was earning more per month than I had been in my last job. You know, the one I couldn’t leave for fear of going broke.

I was doing what I loved, on my own terms, on my own time too.

For example, I love to write, so a while after I figured out how to make this work I started out a little blog. Just a little blog on a free platform. That turned into Free Range Humans… and now this is my main passion. I love travel, so I chose to use my new flexibility to live anywhere. So, in the last few years I have lived and worked from the beaches of Bali to the cafes of London and the hills of Tuscany. Best of all, I get paid to be myself.

It’s not a crazy pipe-dream, it’s reality. And it’s a million miles from the cubicle life I thought that someone like me had to stay in until retirement.

Look honey if you’re feeling trapped by your job description, let me tell you there is another way.

You can create an life that’s filled with the stuff you love doing, you can have a lifestyle that lets you live you life (rather than put it on hold 49 weeks of the year).

And you do not have to live on baked beans for years to make this happen.

Whether you want to travel the world, or simply work from home, or have the freedom to get paid to do stuff that lights you up inside… let’s create those options for you.

A free range human isn’t just about being your own boss - it’s about taking the reins and crafting your really-you career and lifestyle. To suit your personality, and your lifestyle, down to the ground. And to get paid well for it too. Plenty of people are their own boss. Not all of them have taken this extra step of creating the life they really want (and figuring out how to get paid to be themselves, without apology). That’s all about to change:


If you like the sound of becoming a free range human, then I’d love to take you along with me.

Here’s what I do now.

- I help people go Free Range, discover what they really want to do, and get paid for it. I also help people already out of the career cage figure out how to make their venture really work for them and stand out by being more you.

- I have  written a bestselling book on how to be a free range human.

- I write for you: this blog and my Friday emails

- I deliver talks internationally, run workshops and write about career change and self employment.

- I travel, a lot. And then sometimes I stay put and nest. 

- I do fun side-projects, which you’ll hear about in the Friday Love Letters.

I don’t go into the office every day. I do set my own hours (3am is not unusual if I get excited about something!). I DO do what I love, and get paid for it.

I am a Free Range Human.


Mail mc [at] free-range-humans  [dot] com or send me a tweet @FreeRangeHumans

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