Want to know the part most ‘cubicle cage escape’ stories leave out?

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Ever heard a story of a ‘career cage escape’ and thought

‘They just got on with it… I’m so pathetic for dithering. I should pull myself together and just make a freaking decision.

Why’s it so hard for ME when they managed it?’

If you’ve ever thought anything like that, or said mean things to yourself for not ‘just figuring it out’, then you need to watch this.

(note: you can watch this without sound… although my favourite song kicks in after the first minute so I’d just crank it up anyway :))

This is the part most cubicle cage escape stories leave out. And this is the part that makes the biggest difference.

I’d love to hear what you think too – so after watching leave me a comment below, and share it on Facebook or Twitter (below) if you think others would benefit!


Credit to the amazing Bernard Fanning for the music playing in this video. The song is ‘Watch Over Me’ and I recommend his whole ‘Tea and Sympathy’ album.

  • Thanks Lynda! Great comment – so interesting that you had the same experience. And I love your comment about building relationships.

  • really really loved this video, thank you for the simple truth and beauty you remember for us all. Peace.

  • Gemma

    SUCH a gpood message, thank you for sharing : )

    Felt like I was doing it alone for months; I jumped with no clients, no real direction apart from a vague and fuzzy idea and bombed. Like, massively so. Even had counselling as I'd really hit rock bottom. *BUT* that was the best thing I ever did – to anyone out there who jumped or is about to jump, but didn't really know what they were landing on (and be honest with yourself, nobody really knows) reach out and ASK FOR SUPPORT. There are people around you who will give it gladly because you've done the same for them, but don't think you're an island. Sometimes just a smile or a hug can get you through a truly wanky day of a big life change.

    gem x

  • Sarah58

    Wow the video was amazing. I cried my eyes out.
    I was brave and took the plunge 5 weeks ago from a job I hadn't enjoyed for years. I'm not feeling quite so brave now!!! Feel like I'm floundering now and cant make my mind up what I'd really like to do. I change my mind 46 times a day. I do feel like I dont have much support. My children are grown up now and fairly independent. I have very little contact with my parents or sisters. I really loved your messages of support and encouragement. The messages were so warm and loving. THANK YOU x x x
    What is this 21 day program that everybody is raving about??
    I really appreciated your video

  • Wow, I am so glad that I found your site today, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Your video showed me that everything I'm going through is perfectly normal, I thought I was the only one! (silly huh). Yes tears came, I am scared…but I also have nothing to lose. I don't have a job right now & keep feeling pushed to go get one of those cage jobs to make some money…but I am resisting it big time. I just need to build my free range life…I'm not sure exactly what it is, I have many loves…but you're right, just starting is important. You are gorgeous in all ways!

  • Thanks Sarah! Much appreciated. You can find out about the 21 day course here: http://forms.aweber.com/form/6… (the page about it will pop up as soon as you put your details in 🙂 Reading your post it's perfect for you and your 'changing your mind 46 times a day issue!

    Good luck with it and keep in touch. x

  • Dave

    Pure genius Marianne. I'm a fairly new tribe member(!) and I think one of the things that's attracted me most is that you totally get how scary this can be and how many doubts constantly go through your head about whether you can actually do this, and make it work. I've got my 'supportive friends' lined up, just need to start something they can be there to support me on!

  • Lyredri

    Totally inspiring Marianne- and so dang cute as well 🙂 It's a thought to really remember though- as a self-employed person, isolation can be the most difficult feeling to deal with. A support team is soooo important, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Thanks Gemma! That's a great  comment… from someone who is doing it. How are you now?

  • Brian Cormack Carr

    Great video, and I'm glad to see the (very natural) feelings of fear and isolation being given their due status as part of a person's process towards finding their ideal work. 

    This is one of the key issues my clients are regularly surprised by.  “You mean, it's natural to want to give up?  You mean it's OK to feel scared?”  I tell them yes, on both counts, and in fact the fears we face often have valuable information to give us. 

    I dedicate an entire session to “understanding and learning from fear” in my 121 coaching, and in my online coaching programme.  I always wince at the “just do it, even if you're scared” advice, which misses such an important step: listen to your fear, figure out what it's tell you you need – and then go get that thing you need!

    Will be passing this video on….

  • Well – I was already thankful for yesterdays loveletter about fabulousness as having a very rough week, I almost gave up yesterday.  I have just watched this, how very timely.  Had a couple of tears in my eye because it just rang so true.  To know its not just me who has got to the point where I just thought – who am I to do this, I am not good enough (that is actually what I was thinking). Thank you Marianne.

  • I think yesterday was the day where I felt that yes – I can do it – but at the same time you always like one your team to give you a good word when needed. Thanks for the cool, funny and inspirational video. 🙂 Nads

  • everyone should see this!

  • Wayne Barrowman

    Hi Marianne and Free rangers! Thanks for this weeks post about your Mum she sounds like the best kinda person ever and also for that great video… It’s just the kind of stuff I needed to get me pumped to make the shift, I’ve been putting making a move to being my own boss off for the last month after work has dried up for me, so thank you very much and a Merry Christmas to you all! Peace!

  • Heidi

    I liked how your heart shone through on the email and video today.

  • LiveOutInTheWorld

    Howdy, I am a computer nerd who had a really good paying job. It was really 9-5. I am really smart and have tons of talent. I even have a few consulting jobs on the side. The problem is my job let me go recently. I am married but my spouse wants me to go back to the 9-5. I know one of my old jobs would take me back but that’s not what I want. I want to make passive income. My spouse just wants me to make money 9-5. My spouse doesn’t want to support my dreams. My spouse and family (we don’t have kids) want me to give up on owning my own business and be a sheep. I am in debt and bills are piling up but I know if I take another 9-5 I will be too tired to pursue  my dreams. I love your video it is soo great! Any advice will be great!

  • Stanley Lee

    What a video. Definitely a conversation starter for sure.

  • I love it, Marianne! And how timely, too – I just published a post about how my grandfather’s life and legacy continue to inspire me to pursue (and live!) my dream of writing full-time. Thanks for a great video!

  • Sami Carroll

    So, seriously. Here is a question that I would like you, or Jennifer Gresham or  Leo Babauta to answer…Because you all inspire me and me & my husband discuss it in detail and read and write and *know* this all to be true & we have $500 to our name. How do you do this when you don’t have a bankroll from the corporate cage job – You know, the one you keep going back to because it pays even though it’s sucking the life from you. 

  • Brigitte Gleissner

    Oh Marianne, this video made me cry. All these truths put together on paper and your favorite song, boo hoo. It’s only when you get on the path that you fully understand all the things you’re saying

  • biso

    nice idea and all, but perhaps you are spreading false hope. A lot of people may end up beleiving all of this and quitting their jobs without thinking through their decision first. I agree with most of your posts but I beleive the audience this eventually reaches are the naive irrational fancifull types.

  • Dean

    Love the video, made me smile and gave me a bit of a kick in the right direction!

    I’ve actually been a quiet reader of your site for a long while but today, 20th september 2012, I’ve finally got up the confidence to try and do something instead of constantly dreaming and wishing. It may be a small first step but I thought I would share this news with the world, well, the world of people who might be interested in that as they to are looking to make a difference in their lives. 

    I’ve put together a quick blog, firstdayofforever.wordpress.com where I am publicly talking about my journey, from today, day one, to where I want to be, out of the 9 to 5 and in to my own world.

    The hardest thing is thinking of that first idea to get you started. I think mine is going to be a book teaching people as that is what I have enjoyed in my life. If you or anyone out there would like to, please go to my site and have a look at my first post and tell me if you would buy a book like the one I plan to write? A little encouragement would go a long way!!

    Anyway, thanks for all your work so far and I promise, now my journey has started, I’ll be a more regular contributor from now on!

  • Christina

    Hi Marianne, I remember watching this before and thinking mmm that’s interesting.  Now I’m in the freerange world and watched it again, it made me cry!  As always you hit the exact spot and know just how it is.  Christina.

  • Just 

  • The video touched my heart. I am trying to find what is right for me these days and the video was as like tailored for me. I am glad that I found your site and maybe I will buy your book also 🙂

  • Mr Random

    Hi Marianne, Great video, and it’s very true. Thanks for writing your book. It’s the best guide to breaking free I’ve ever read! Totally realistic AND optimistic. So far, I’ve taken your advice, and got some blogs on the go. Who knows? Maybe I could break free to work for a magazine, or something. And your message is totally true. If anyone is looking for more inspiration, here’s a classic Star Trek moment to  prove it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeLrqLP1DJk

    Thanks again for writing the book.

  • myrentdespositback.co.uk

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!!! Thank you Marianne Cantwell YOU ROCK!!!

  • Scuzzy76

    Thanks so much for this video, snip ring, lovely and genuine are the words that come to ind, and the part about always having someone’s else’s back – who’s got yours? Completely resonates with me….. Now it’s my turn to take a chance and expect to be backed up… Thank you xxxxxx

  • Scuzzy76

    Ummmm. Bad spelling on comment :). I meant inspiring not snip ring – lol

  • Scuzzy76

    Please tell me what the song is ? It’s absolutely beautiful .

  • Julie

    What bikinis? Tell us more!

  • Here is a small extract from The Millionaire Dropout which will be out in a few months. My dad was heart broken that I did not want to be a hairdresser!

    How Did You Choose Your Job?
    I’ve asked hundreds of people this question, and most can’t answer.
    Most people spend very little time choosing their careers and employers.
    It’s usually a case of, “I’ll take whatever comes.” In fact, many
    people spend more time choosing a car or house than selecting

    Sometimes, people choose a profession because of pressure from
    parents or other family members (I always wanted to be a teacher, so you
    should become a teacher).
    The sad truth is, few people on this earth can truly say they’re happy
    with their job.

    My first employee job was at a large bank, where I came across many
    unhappy workers. They would moan about their pay, conditions, and
    anything else they could think of, so why did they stay? Because they
    were too scared or lazy to challenge their employer for a better salary or
    look for a new job.
    I’m sure many of these people are still in the same job and probably
    still moaning.

  • Barb

    Great video very inspiring and love the music – I am looking forward to becoming a free ranger 🙂

  • Virginia

    Thanks again for being on ‘my’ team! Great video.

  • Christine Hurst

    Very inspiring. Thank you. Yes, we all have days or times when we want to give up the quest, but its worth the fight.

  • Rie

    Lovely video 🙂 Giving me some needed ooomph!

  • Matilda Feuerstein

    hi, you “borrowed” the title what do I do when I want to do everything from Barbara Sher. thats not nice to deal with an old lady!

  • Jaye

    I am feeling so lost at the moment, and someone recommended your book to me today, so I was just searching things about it, and came across this video, and the Bernard Fanning song is what I walked down the isle to at our wedding – so is pretty special to me.. It kinda feels like I was meant to see it, u know? Thank u xx

  • You where kind enough to send us your book for review and we would like to invite you onto the show for an interview. Please contact me at bob at garlick marketing dot com to set up a date and time.

  • Rahul
  • Tracey Lang Hart

    Thank you for posting this video Marianne. I’m having a tough moment, and this helped.

  • Ashley

    Lost my job a few weeks ago. Not really sure where I want to go with my life now but I’ve been beating myself up for weeks. Cried through this whole thing (in a good way). Very inspiring, thank you for this.

  • Wanda St.Hilaire

    So I’m not just a confused git chasing my tail? (LOL). Beautiful little video, Marianne. Gracias.

  • I have just finished reading the book and am so inspired by this and the video. I found the book actually a week AFTER i had already handed in my notice to pursue a free range life and the book has helped me modify my idea to something even bigger and something more sustainable. My site went live yesterday and I cannot wait to see how thing pan out over the next few months 😀
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring book Marianne x

  • Nemanja
  • Nemanja

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