Want to know the part most ‘cubicle cage escape’ stories leave out?

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Ever heard a story of a ‘career cage escape’ and thought

‘They just got on with it… I’m so pathetic for dithering. I should pull myself together and just make a freaking decision.

Why’s it so hard for ME when they managed it?’

If you’ve ever thought anything like that, or said mean things to yourself for not ‘just figuring it out’, then you need to watch this.

(note: you can watch this without sound… although my favourite song kicks in after the first minute so I’d just crank it up anyway :))

This is the part most cubicle cage escape stories leave out. And this is the part that makes the biggest difference.

I’d love to hear what you think too – so after watching leave me a comment below, and share it on Facebook or Twitter (below) if you think others would benefit!


Credit to the amazing Bernard Fanning for the music playing in this video. The song is ‘Watch Over Me’ and I recommend his whole ‘Tea and Sympathy’ album.

  • Flyer

    Really love the video – you are the new Bob Dylan – I really get it, thanks

  • FreeRangeTurkey

    Hi Marianne,
    What a great, sweet message… I'm in tears…
    But luckily, I have fantastic support from fellow 30DayChallengers. And from some people involved in my current project. Your so right – makes all the difference. My next 30 DC will be going free range – thank you for being an inspiration to me.
    You are gorgeous:)
    Aneta (FreeRangeTurkey)

  • Danenasie

    Love the video and can totally relate.

  • Hi Marianne,

    Genius video – beautifully made (from the heart). You've hit the spot AGAIN !!! I loved it and it really lifted me – especially the part at the end..Thank you so much for putting this together. I'm loving 30DC too (like Aneta, who is FAB by the way and a born supporter/encourager)… and seeing for the one of the first times how not “going it alone” on a new venture/idea feels… looking forward to building on this over the next few months ….and hope we can also work together in some way on Frank v2.0 !! (no actually, Frank v1 i.e the original, true, “in flow” me !!)

    Thanks again – brilliant work…
    BWs Frank

  • Kateyp

    Love this! Your support on the 21 say course made a big difference and I really miss it now! You are so right about how it feels by myself

  • Greekfoodlover

    I love this video! Encouraging and fun! You're great in it and the advice is simple and so so so true!

  • Thanks lovely! Glad you liked the 21 days…

  • Thanks Frank! And I know you'll find your 21 day course brings it all to life when you start (you've got it all, haven't you Frank!)

  • Aw thanks! You're not the only one who cried 🙂 xx

  • snorlaxjen

    i thought i wouldn't comment, but your video really touched me, and i also had tears in my eyes- i'm in a dead end retail job that just is so mind numbing, that it makes me wonder why i do it – aside from the money – and thinking of quitting, but can't quite figure out exactly what to do instead, i'm glad i found your site, hopefully it'll give me the inspiration to do what i want.

  • Lee Edwards

    Not everyone who is attracted to this is working in a cubicle. I work from home but have decided that I want to stop doing graphic design for other people and build my dream – ElectricGhost which is a digital music journal. Got the signs up going real well and looking for a business partner. Love the term Free Range Human as the project allows me to be and artist (painter/printmaker), designer, writer, poet and publisher. Woohoo!! Great video, love the song as well, who is it?
    all the best with your adventure

  • Sally Waters, LifeExplored

    Hi Marianne

    This actually made me come over a bit teary! Thank you so much for making this video – you're absolutely right, the feelings of not being good enough and being told by people you love that it's not a good idea are always left out of career change stories. It's the non sexy bit! But, as someone who is in exactly this position at the moment, it's so nice to hear that everyone went through it, even you!

    Thanks again

  • Thanks Lee. Glad to hear your free range venture is working out! And yes, we've got something 'in the works' that will work really well for people who have hatched out of the cubicle – it's coming up in the next few months (watch this space 🙂

    BTW the song is by Bernard Fanning (great Aussie artist!). The song is Watch Over Me from this album http://itunes.apple.com/gb/alb

  • Thank you! And thanks for your Twitter comments too xx

  • Claire Brooker

    Love, love, love! It was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you x

    Claire xx

  • Thanks Claire! Hope you're making progress with your project 🙂

  • Cat

    I have been beating myself up lately for being such a big wuss and not making much progress, but after watching the video I feel inspired again. Thank you so much!!!


  • Michelle

    Thanks Marianne. I'm just about to start my Free Range Human journey. I finish work on the 6th May and don't have another job to go to. I'm going to get creative and see what happens. Your emails and advice are just what I need at the moment and I always feel that you are talking to me, personally. ;0)


  • I liked it! It's true that we need support, and on going support from like minded people is one of the things that most people forget on this journey. Find a tribe going in your direction, and join them! We're be stronger together.

  • Charlie

    This is like a big hug. I've been having the wobbles about free-ranging but now feel all warm and fluffy. Thank you!

    In fact c'mere Marianne, come on everyone else…

    *group hug*


  • Edye

    Love this! Thank you! As one of your chicks, I can say 'you've hit the nail on the head'. Do keep this up; you make such a difference.

    I may just have to watch this a few more times though… an e-hug.

  • Yep – looking forward to getting my teeth into the 21 day course – (all received OK so far!)… Hmm.. I feel a tweet coming on about this !!! 🙂

  • Jennie

    Brilliant Marianne – you continue to inspire x

  • Thanks Edye! Much appreciated 🙂

  • Thanks Michelle! I am talking to you personally 🙂 Do you have an idea what you want to do next?

  • Thanks honey! *hugs*

  • Aw that's lovely. Yes, inspiration is important, and so is knowing you're not alone. Welcome to the Free Range Tribe!

  • Michelle

    Photography, writing and t shirt printing to name a few! I have written a long list of ideas. I'm giving myself 2 months to figure it all out.

  • freerangekris

    Marianne, you're beautiful, and I'm speechless. What an amazing gift to us shaking-in-our-boots fledglings.

  • Hattiepea

    Free Range Humans gave me the courage to leave my career cage and live a life a less ordinary! Thanks Marianne – I'm not sure I'd have thought it was possible!

  • Thanks so much for this Marianne! Really great video, and really important to be reminded of this!

  • Sue_bartrum

    Yes, I get it! We're never alone though we may feel alone. so instead of being our own worst enemy, each of us can be our own best friend. All we have to do is turn our thinking upside down. When i turn from the shadow, well here's the sun! Thanks marianne

  • Kit

    Marianne, I had to watch this twice; and choked up both times. I've been feeling unable to decide on what to do next, and being unemployed, feel frustration and anxiety about the prospect of getting a “job” (my husband is suffering through a part-time job to get us through, but he is kind of in the same boat, i.e., sick of “jobbing it.”) We are both good at beating ourselves up about the situation. I hope sharing this video with him will help us get in a better state of mind, at least. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

  • Samincity

    I know! I need people who get me! My friends and fam think it's nice but don't think I'm serious and they all have regular jobs so can't help with thinking out of the box as they are in the box. How can I get that support?

  • Laurie Franks

    Thanks for this wonderful, fun video, Marianne! I just got my first client for my new bookkeeping business (yay!) and was so stressed out feeling like I don't know enough to do this that I came down with a bad cold the same day I got my new client. Thanks for the reminder that we don't have to be a perfect human to free ourselves.

  • HeatherDakota

    Wow!!! That was amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!! It was so fantastic I had to watch it a couple of times.

  • Hazel

    Dear Marianne,

    You are a beautiful human being 🙂 Message received and understood. Thank you so much!

    Hazel xx

  • And Hazel's BACK! Happy dance. That was totally for you honey 🙂

  • Stacy

    Bravo! Absolutely delightful and motivating and inspiring and just plain put a huge smile on my face.

  • Patrice

    Hi Marianne,

    Great video. You captured my feelings exactly. I was enthusiastic during the 21 day course..then the fears and doubt crept in…I will revisit the information I have and regroup. I think you and your courses are awesome. Are there any fledglings in Fl?


  • You made me cry! That was so touching. My daughter said these words to me and I never regretted leaving my cubicle – “Mom! You can write!” She had my back.

    I am so happy I found your site. I have been stalking HappySimple.com for a while now and thank heavens she linked to you. Thank you so much! This site is beautiful.

  • Hey Marianne
    I though this vid rocked the first time I watched it and that was without the audio. I just watched it again and it rocked even more – then the music kicked in and had me in tears! This week has been a real struggle for me but it's so true that having support makes all the difference between quitting and only nearly quitting i.e. keeping going! The free range fledglings you have brought together are awesome and I wouldn't be on this journey without you or keeping going without them so THANK YOU 🙂 X

  • Alexia

    Marianne – it was thanks to you, John and the supportive and enthusiastic free range group I joined that I decided to make the leap, and I wouldn't be able to do it without my boyfriend, family and best friends around me telling me that I'm not a total lunatic (that doesn't mean to say that I get the occasional comment to that effect, although funnily enough the most negative was from the HR guy of the company that I left!).
    The lunacy bit is the fun part though – I'm doing something every single day that scares me, and sometimes I need a bit of a hug and a boost, but there's always support around. I'll be sharing the vid!
    Thanks again xxx

  • I glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. My job ruined my health, now I'm leaving, I have a heep of ideas…maybe even go back to college. I know I never want to be stuck in a office (besides my own) ever again.
    I wish everyone the best of luck x

  • Thanks Alexia. That made my day! Your niche description still stands as the best one I've read 🙂 Can't wait to see the bikinis….


  • LezliDax

    Oh HAI! Your video made me really feel that I'm not alone, and I lol'd. I am still trying to save up enough money to do your course, and you inspire me every day. In fact you are the most inspirational person I have never met… and that's going some as I have not been inspired by anyone since 1992. You are the hope twinkling out there to guide us. Thank you!

  • Wow that is such a nice comment! Keep on it and let me know how you go 🙂

  • Eve Skyes

    So very authentically Miss MC!! Just the validation and inspiration I need to 'hear' when beginning my 30 day countdown to living free!! Thank you so very much for being a big part of my journey Marianne, you're always such an amazing inspiration and support from where ever you are in the world xx

  • Jammyd

    Hi! thank you so much for a very beautiful video. you make me feel very inspired and positive about keeping moving forward. love love love love it! i tell so many people how fantastically awesome you are and i'm getting so much better at telling people how awesome i am too! yippee!

  • Great video! Years ago I did it – started my own writing and graphic design biz. No one, not even my best friend thought I could do it. Early on I bartered services with a woman who was just starting her own biz helping new businesses grow. I designed her materials in exchange for her wisdom. She was my mentor. But I also found an old friend at that time along the road who believed in me also and his belief and the business he gave me really started me on my journey. The people who actually knew me were the ones who didn't support my venture – didn't believe I could do it. There were days I questioned my decision but as you said – I'm human. I've since retired and have moved on but what a wonderful experience I had and the lessons I learned. You can't do it alone. And whatever biz you try – it's about building relationships. What can I do for them and not what can I get from them. Anyway, enough said. Again great video!

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