Free Range Humans (free raenj hyuemins) (n):

Free Range Humans are a growing tribe, easily spotted by the smiles on their faces on Monday mornings.

A Free Range Human is:

1. A person (human) who has created a Free Range work-life that suits them. 

They choose when, where and how they work. Some choose live a life of travel (often found on beaches with their laptops), others have a nesting urge and prefer to free range close to home, from their local cafe, or kitchen table.

2. A person who gets paid to do what makes them come alive.

Free Range Humans have figured out what they want to do with their lives and they are doing it, right now.

3. A person who has decided to live their life every day, not just weekends.

Most free rangers have done what many think is impossible: quit their job and figured out how to make a living without an office or a boss, on their own terms.They have left a career-cage job to create a remarkable free range life.

Previously believed to be mythical, the existence of Free Range Humans has been confirmed by multiple sightings of The Original Free Range Human.

A Free Range Story

Free Range Humans were once Career Cage humans. They were stuck in a metal tube, commuting to a concrete office-box, every day.

They didn’t like it much, but thought ‘once I get to a higher perch I will be happier’. Everyone around them said that was the right thing to do.

Then one day they woke up. They realised their position on the perch was not the problem. The problem was the whole ‘cage’.

So they decided to break free.


… what happened next? (choose your own adventure):

(I’m still in a job and want to break free, give me that version!)

They craned their necks and peered out the door. They saw a bright new world, full of opportunities. It was lush and beautiful, it was exciting and full of more freedom than they ever thought possible. They stopped saying ‘no’ at the first hurdle and for the first time, they allowed themselves to imagine the possibilities.

Thing is, it was quite scary, becoming a Free Range Human. What can you do without the safety of the corporate cage? Ideal, dream lives are for other, ‘lucky’ people, right? Gosh, even THINKING of breaking free got them scared. But before the almost-free-range-humans drew their necks back in the door and waddled back inside, they hopped online to Google a solution.

In their search, they came across the concept of Free Range Humans. They ended up on this page.

Actually, that person is you.

And you are not alone. You have  others to hop on the journey with. You have a guide of someone who has done it.

Hang out on this blog, join the Free Range Humans movement, read about the Chief Chicken’s break to freedom. And get great tips and support along the way.

Together, we Free Rangers are saying ‘no’ to the grey, ordinariness of a corporate life which, deep down, you know isn’t enough.

(I’m already my own boss / have quit my job, give me that version!)

They craned their necks and peered out the door. They saw a bright new world, full of possibilities. They loved the freedom of setting their own hours and dreamt of so much more! It’s like they had come alive to themselves.

But sometimes they wished for a tribe. The people around them? Didn’t (always) get this stuff.

Plus just secretly?  In between the tapping away in cafes and frolicking in the park on a hot Wednesday in summer, just because it’s a hot Wednesday and you can (yeah, we’ve all been there) there were occasional moments of stalking browsing the website of that well known competitor with the hot brand who seemed to have it all sorted and going “how the heck do they have it so together?!”

Don’t get me wrong, they wouldn’t give this up for the world! But there were some things that could be, you know, better: for some it was the feeling of getting paid to be themselves, for others it was the lifestyle, and others had that down pat… but the clients/actual decent money part seemed to have got left behind in the excitement of breaking free.

So one day they hopped online, and found themselves on this website. “Free Range Humans? That’s me!” they said, and smiled.

As you know, that person is you. And you don’t have to do this alone anymore.

Welcome to your new tribe, honey.

This is a land where you don’t have to fit yourself into a box to make things work… and you don’t have to live on baked beans for the next however long to be free. You see:

Being a Free Range Human is about so much more than quitting your job, or even being your own boss. It’s about a life created on your terms. One that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. 

And while we love to dream in free range land, we also live in the real world and want this to last… so it’s a life where you get paid well to be you.

There is another way. We’re going that way. Want to join us on the journey?


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