Top 10 Coolest Offices Around The World

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Note: this post has been updated for 2015, with a brand new recommendation (see number 10) and more. Here’s the fresh inside view of the outside world:

When I was in a job, I dreamt of being able to travel and work anywhere. I loathed being stuck in a bland, beige office every day (particularly when it meant commuting for an hour in a peak-time sardine-packed tube train jammed under the armpits of coked-up City boys in suits… but that’s another story).

The point is: as soon as I ditched my job to work for myself I vowed never to step foot in a cubicle again. And indeed I haven’t. The big question was… where do you work when you don’t have an office to go to?

Here are my top 10 favourite free range ‘office spaces’ around the world for the past five years:



Live your life now rather than wait for retirement? Yes please:

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  • Very inspirational! Thanks for posting.

  • Hey, Great article, we’re working in Ubud, and i must agree with what you say. We pay 18€ a night at In Da Lodge hotel, and it’s just perfect condition to work ! Wifi is great !

  • Thanks Simon – that reply came at a perfect time (am in Ubud now) so thanks for the tip!


  • Sital

    Super post!

    Here’s my 3:

    1. Langkawi, Malaysia – ‘The Cliff’ bar right on the beach front looking out to sea. Amazing.

    2. Cambodia – Riverside cafes great place to people watch and work. Free wireless, great and service and very very cheap ($1 a beer!) 

    3. London – Joe & The Juice, Oxford Circus. Free wifi, funky, great juices. A bit noisy – so go good for making calls. But great place to hang out if you’ve a few meetings planned

  • Thanks for the London based tips I’ll check them out when I’m there next week and we can hang there when I’m back in December – plus that Thai restaurant of course. And if you come to visit me in Amsterdam I’ll take you to Friday Next – coolest concept ever – an interior design store and cafe, and Two For Joy – great coffee and co-working friendly

  • Thanks Natalie! You’ll be super close to Southbank so worth checking out (though I have to say for ease of access I’m now often found in a Cafe Nero around the corner from the flat – if there’s one chain to hang out in and free range, it’s Nero!)

  • Great additions Sital! Langkawi is one of my favourite places in the world but never been to Cliff Bar, thanks for the heads up on that one 🙂

  • I love seeing these inspirational places that you work from. It’s great for selling that freedom of lifestyle. I myself left the corporate world a year ago to follow my dream of being an author. I moved to the Isle of Wight, not quite a Thai island but beaches nonetheless. 🙂 By the way, it’s the best thing I ever did.

  • Phillip Van Nostrand

    Very disappointed Santa Barbara did NOT make this list!! 🙂

  • Jason Palmer

    I love it !!!
    I live near canary wharf and doing book promotion for some people, contact me, I can organise some events and sell your new book while your on the beach and sleeping.
    Success !!!

  • Nicole Turnbull

    Lovely surprise to see Newcastle on the list and my fav, Merewether Surf Club. Love to see you there 🙂

  • clareelise

    Some great places here.. just makes you think… as a blogger you can write anywhere 🙂 xx

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