3 ways to do ‘more than one thing’ and not look like a crazy person


Ever wanted to get paid to do more than one thing? Welcome to the world of portfolio careers. It’s a great solution for scanners, multifaceted people, people with lots of interests… but how do you handle your online presence when you don’t just do one thing?

Who ARE you on social media? How many websites can you have? And how do you answer the ‘and what do you do’ question at parties?

Watch this video here as I answer these questions with 3 simple steps (and one little stalking session – hi Mark!)

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  • Hi Marianne. Thanks for those tips. What about LinkedIn? That’s the social medium where I’ve found it the most challenging to manage my two hats. When I launched http://www.mygreenandtidylife.co.uk, I was already connected to people in relation to http://www.papworth.info. For ages, I didn’t post about Green and Tidy on LinkedIn because I was afraid of people thinking “Oh she’s a personal decluttering coach now, no point in contacting her about this juicy organisational consultancy job we’ve got”. On the other hand, I knew was potentially missing out on a great way to market Green and Tidy. I do now post about both businesses on LinkedIn though I still have a residual concern that people who connected with me in connection with my first business might be irritated by posts about my second one. What are your thoughts?

  • Hi Rachel, I checked with Barrie Hopson who co-wrote the excellent book on Portfolio careers (And What Do You Do) and he said that this is very much in line with what we said more generally in the vid: “It has to be a personal choice but if you have 2 or more distinct businesses then which is the one you really wish to promote and if you want to promote all of them you mention all of them. There might be a risk that someone sees you as being a jack of all trades but then is a risk in every thing isn’t there!”

  • Thanks for asking Barrie and for replying so comprehensively. You’re right, there’s a risk in everything and, to some extent, you’ve just gotta go for it. Keep experimenting – that’s the free range way, right? I find the different ‘cultures’ of different social media interesting. Have you seen this? http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=169384 Funny.

  • Brilliant! Explains my lack of personal enthusiasm for Linked In 🙂

  • Love the Hat!  Srsly, (did I really type that?). Seriously, great fun.  Twitter sounds the most tricky, schizophrenic platform/medium – I’m new to tweeting and wear two hats – too soon to say if this will annoy/irritate or repel people or not.  How do you use Twitter? Multiple hats and one head or multiple heads?! 

  • Aw, why isn’t this an article? I prefer to read these things. 🙁

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