Discover what you really want to do with your life (and how to get paid for it)

A unique 6 week programme with Marianne Cantwell + Selina Barker. Online so you can join anywhere in the world.

Hey honey.

Looking for that perfect idea for what you ‘really’ want to do with your life?

It’s a pretty stressful question really: first you’re meant to come up with that right idea (for something you will still love in 5 years’ time) and then you’re meant to make sure that idea

a) will really make you happy (after the first week) and

b) will actually work (will people pay for it? will it pay enough?)

So, you end up reading books, browsing blogs, searching for that lightning bolt moment where you finally know the perfect solution.

Problem is, the answer just isn’t showing up. You know you want a change but that’s as far as it goes.

If you’re spending way too much time trying to Google a solution, getting stuck in analysis paralysis, and generally going around in circles (in between commutes), beating yourself up that “I should have figured this out my my age”… then breathe.

You’re in the right place.

You’re not alone.

Watch this little video below to sneak a peek at why others are exploring the Ideas Adventure

(+ score a quick blast of inspiration about what’s in store for you over this life-changing 6 weeks).

Watch This Video Now - Hand Drawn Blue

Yes, I filmed some of this in an actual office. First time I stepped foot in an office for years, and I did it to film this for you in Hong Kong. Check it!

This is more than a course: it’s your adventure to discovering your real life:


This is for you if you are:

  • Stuck in a seemingly successful career path… which you know is wrong for you.
  • Sure of what you don’t want (ie: what you are doing right now!) but have no clue what you DO want… only that it involves being your own boss.
  • Wanting to make sure you make the right choice in choosing your free-range career.
  • Someone who would LOVE that freedom and fulfilment of being a Free Range Human – but you just don’t know where to start

Over 6 weeks (starting May 16, 2016) you learn how to discover that ‘totally you’ idea, get clear on what you really want to do with your life… and get confident about how to get paid for it (without compromising your personality).


  • This is not for you if you need to replicate your full time income within the next month. This programme delivers long term fabulous career directions, not short term stopgaps.
  • It is also not for you if you just want another ‘job’ – this is about thinking Free Range, creating your ideal career by being your own boss rather then focusing on another pre-packaged job solution.

The programme helps you tap into what you love, open up new possibilities and keep up the momentum to create lasting changes.

It all starts by finding that really-right direction (the one you won’t get bored of) and that’s what the Ideas Adventure is all about.


Michael says

Michael says:

“I came across the Ideas Adventure at a time when I knew that things had to change dramatically, but somehow I was just going around in circles with no real idea of what to do, or which way to go.

So, I joined the Ideas Adventure with no clear idea for what I wanted, and by the end I came up with a free range idea that lets me get paid for something I love.

I got started and it turned over a decent 4 figure sum in the first 3 months (I am pretty happy with that given that I had no idea, no business, and no turnover 6 months before!). I ended up making a good living from the idea I unearthed on this 6 week course, and I’m loving the life I’ve created.

I’d tried it all over the last few years: creating lists of pros and cons, looking at retraining, reading books, doing tests, going to see expensive career consultants, the works. I’d even taken time off and gone away to “think about it” but came back with nothing. I kept coming back to the same situation again and again. Nothing worked until the Ideas Adventure.

Turns out my answer was hiding in plain sight but I never saw it before – and I never would have without this course.”

Michael Devine, Ideas Adventure course grad


Ideas + Inspiration + Income. How to get them, on your terms.


“If you’re not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, you need this course.”


This is a unique chance to get ideas and support from a fabulous group of people with similar dreams to you, to discover what you really want to do with your life (and how to get paid for it, so you can break free).
You see, most courses on this topic are about either figuring out what you want… OR how to make money. As a free range human I know you want them both. For the first time we combine ‘what you want’ and ‘where’s the money’ into one Idea Finding extravaganza.

What you will discover in this course (your Ideas Adventure trip-planner):

1. Get excited

Clarifying what you want, what you have to offer, and what brings you alive, baby.

2. Get tangible

Taking ‘half ideas’ and moulding them into a real idea (this is where we get a whoosh of new ideas). Everything we do is crafted around you, your lifestyle, and your unique personality.

3. Get profitable

Discovering what makes a ‘good idea’ (and how to find an idea that will work for real). We’ll ditch outdated myths about making money or business that hold many people back, and come away with fresh clarity on what is really possible for you. Then, get started with your personal roadmap.




1. Work with me, Marianne Cantwell.

Hello there! Aside from having spent a lot of time creating this content, I will be there live over the 6 weeks: dropping into the teleclasses, answering your questions, no holds barred. Fire away.

Find out how I created my free-range life, how I make it work, and what it takes to figure out what you really want to do (and make it pay).

(This photo was taken on a tiny Thai island the day I created this course for you :))


2. Day-to-day access to our “get unstuck” coach, Selina Barker

Selina Barker and Marianne CantwellEver had that thing where you’re working through an exercise, hit a block, and think ‘gah what do I do now?!’. That’s often the moment when people give up, but that’s not happening here. Simply because, on this course there is someone there for you day-to-day in the community and in her cosy webchat clinics.

Selina’s get-unstuck advice is regularly featured in Psychologies magazine and in 5 bestselling books on this topic (including mine!). Having worked closely with her I’ve seen the changes she brings to people’s lives + work.

For these 6 weeks you’ll also have Selina, one of my secret weapons, by your side ready to help out when you need clarity.

3. Six live group tele-jams

Opportunity to ask qs and get direct answers from me and Selina. Every week for a full hour we get on the phone together, so you can get the input that you need to find and tailor ideas to your personality and situation.

Join anywhere in the world (lots of local phone numbers available, plus an option to dial in via Skype). Busy schedule? No worries: all sessions are recorded so even if you can’t make a call, you’ll never miss out.


4. Weekly webchat drop-in clarity-sessions

Prefer to type than to speak? We got this. Hop onto live group webchat where every week we are there to help you out. Brainstorm live and get input on your situation. Hear how others are discovering what they want to do, get help on the course, get inspired and get direction.

(These webchats are introvert-friendly: it’s in instant message format (aka: all typed) so unlike most courses, you aren’t forced to speak up to get live input. Phew! ;))


5. Packed out workbook

Contains idea generation exercises, the 3 part idea hunting process, loads of inspiration, ideation and wisdom waiting for you. Everything in here comes back to you: discover who you are, your superpowers (what you have to offer other than your CV/resume), and how to put all that into a new idea, made just for you.


Includes killer content like how to discover if your idea will work in just 3 weeks.


6. Video and audio truth bombs

Pre-recorded coaching, stories, and guides on how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make (and the shortcuts to discovering your really right path).

This is the real, raw stuff I wish I’d been told when starting out.

Find these throughout the workbook, and they are yours to access any time in the 6 weeks, or beyond.


7. Interviews, stories and oodles of inspiration

Meet the people who made the break. Thinkers and experts with a unique take on creativity, idea generation, and making money on your terms. I got them in here, just for you. Learn from the best then go out and rock your life.

You will also hear from some Ideas Adventure grads to get their story on how they have discovered their thing (these people were looking at this page just a year ago feeling much like you – they’ll pop in to share how they broke the stuck-cycle using the materials you will have in front of you too).


8. Private online community (open 24/7)

Meet others and get help brainstorming ideas (this group is a resource for getting support, ideas and organising live meetups; there is no icky compulsory group participation, use it as you choose to meet, help and get support from other fabulous free range fledglings!). Great chance to meet people who think the same way as you, and superpower your journey.


9. Personalised Idea Review 

Worried you’ll barrel off in the wrong direction? We got you covered.
Not only do you get help coming up with ideas, Selina and I will also personally review the shortlist you come up with here, to make sure you can choose a good one (for you and in practice)!
You’ll also get my ‘next steps’ advice on making things take off and turn into an income without compromising who you are.



Seriously this is good stuff. I know from experience that the right made-for-you insight at the right time might be what makes the difference between staying stuck and figuring it out once and for all, so that’s something we’ve designed this course to deliver for you.

Here you have the reassurance of being able to access advice and ideas made especially for you: for who you are, and what you really need to get things unblocked + moving for real.



Live meetup with Marianne and Selina (London).

This course is suitable for people living anywhere in the world – in fact this usually has participants from several continents! However Selina and I will both be in London in May, so that’s the venue for the live Ideas Adventure (bonus) meetup!

We look forward to meeting you in person 🙂

Time to get bold

I’ve made an assumption about you.

I’ve assumed you are up for self exploration, personal discovery, and getting right out of that comfort zone. I assume you are chomping at the bit to find a solution and get free and happy (not to wallow in “reasons why not”).

Am I right? Good. you see:

  • I am not here to ‘chivvy’ anyone along.
  • I am not here to act as a therapist.
  • I am your biggest believer and I believe you are way better than that.

I will treat you like the beautiful adult you are: we dig deep, get bold, and find your real life no matter what that takes. And what it takes is some tough questions and getting out of that comfort zone.


TRUTH: This isn’t a cold clinical step by step process where you tick boxes and an answer pops out. Ticking boxes not how anyone discovers what they really want to do with their life (it is how people stay stuck for years).


TRUTH: You don’t need oodles of time, you definitely don’t need funding or an MBA, but you do need the guts to work together, explore yourself and figure this out as the bare, bold and real you. We’re going to help you get beyond your resume and find your ‘thing’.


If you’re up for that then…



This course is for you, as you are today:

  • Not when you have a bit more time (when does that ever happen anyway?)
  • Not when you have ‘done a bit more research’ (in fact, you’ll learn why the Research Myth is probably holding you back)
  • Not when you have an idea to work with (that’s kinda the point of this course!)

It’s not just for someone younger/older richer/poorer more educated/less educated. It’s not for someone with fewer commitments. It’s not for someone with a different CV.

I created this for you, as you are, here and now.


You’re read this far, something’s chimed with you. Odds are this is exactly what you need, and I think you know it too (cause frankly otherwise you’d be browsing Facebook instead).


This stuff is important. Your life is more than worth this investment in you. There will never be a perfect time, or a perfect situation. Only right here and right now.


So I want you on board. But it’s your choice. Figure this out on you own, or with us, but whichever you choose know that every second spent just hoping things will change is a second that you are throwing away, not living your real life.


Things don’t change by themselves. We’re here to help you do things differently.


What else will you do in 6 weeks?


If you know, deep down, the answer is “do a bit more ‘research’, go around in circles, and end up pretty much where you are today” then you know what to do.


This, right here, is your chance to get it right. Let’s make this happen:





– Can I hear the experiences of other people who have been through this course? Yes! Click here to see what people say about their experience with the Ideas Adventure and what they got from it.

– I live in another country, can I still join? Of course! You can join from anywhere in the world: the last round had people from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and more. So long as you have a phone and internet you’re really good to go.

– Can I pay in US dollars? Yup, no worries. All currencies are fine to use via the main joining link above but if you prefer to pay in US dollars we’ve set that up for you too: just click here to join in US dollars and secure your place.

– Is this likely to run again sometime soon? This course is run only once every 12 months. The last time the Ideas Adventure ran was a year ago: if you don’t want to wait another year to figure out what you want to do, this is the time.

– I’d like to join but I have to go away for a week during the programme. Is that going to be a problem? When you join this live programme you have access to the materials forever, and all calls are recorded too, so you can catch up no problems (easy). This is built to ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way. After all, everyone has a busy schedule, and this course is designed to fit around that.

– In the past I’ve got excited about an idea… then lost interest the next week. Will this help me know how to find something that sticks? Yes! We’re going to show you how to break the inspired-then-flat cycle, and get out of your head and into a very different way of treating ideas. For you, until you know how to generate ideas that come from you (rather than a generic ‘shiny idea’), and until you know how to treat an idea that comes your way, then this cycle will continue. Let’s sort that out shall we?

– Er, I really don’t have any good ideas, is that ok? Yes! Remember: you don’t need any ideas AT ALL to join the Adventure. That’s what we’re here to sort out. This is your chance to figure things out, for real, so you can start living your real life.