Hello lovely. Want to know a secret? This blog is the tip of the iceberg.

The real action happens in the Friday Love Letter:

On certain Fridays (which Fridays exactly are a surprise!), over 10,000 Free Range readers get waaay more than what’s published here. They get truth, inspiration and butt kicking with love in these ‘pop up’ occasional emails, made for you.

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“Probably the best thing I’ve read all year.” Catherine


“Blew my mind again. Please keep them coming!” Melanie

“I am on a lot of mailing lists, but yours is the only one I ever read from start to finish every time”.  Ali

“You must get told this 100 times a day but your emails are brilliant. I’m eating a pastry at my desk, trying to get paperwork done for a *^%$ing job I hate and feel is simultaneously crushing me and sucking the life out of me. Then, bang!  You come along with your words of wisdom and truth. I am going to break out of this rusty cage, thanks to you.” Jay

“I have a special file to house my favorites of your letters.” Barbara

“I look forward to your emails. They are the best thing I get in my week.” Sarah

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