You’re your own boss, and you want to work more closely with Marianne

to step things up in your world? You’re in the right place.


This unique Mentorship is here to get your free range business thriving in line with who you are and what you want… no one-size fits-all ‘shoulds’ in sight.

Important note: this is a high level mentorship, specifically created for people who are running their own thing (and are already out there with it, with people who love what you do — but there’s something missing in your picture). If this is you read on:

Two options for you:

OPTION 1: Mentorship deep-dive at £2500.

  • 1 full private day with me (in person, in London or online). That’s you and me, 100% focussed on your business.
  • Bespoke format to ensure we’re ticking exactly what’s most useful for you now
  • Follow up Skype session to ensure you have everything you need

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OPTION 2: Private retreat in California + mentorship £10,000

  • You + me + your business, 1-2-1, in a beautiful place for 3 days
  • Follow-up mentorship sessions
  • All tailor made to suit where you are as your own boss.

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Marianne made a suggestion to me about a way to run my business – a way that would suit my personality and aims in a way I’d never imagined possible… but that was different from what so many people were saying you had to do in order to be successful.

The idea she laid out seemed almost too easy to me the first time she said it, so I continued banging my head against the virtual wall…. until one day I implemented her advice.

To my delight, she was right about everything: in of all the time I have been running my business, the last year has been the most successful ever, and I have fallen in love with my business again. (For the first time the income and growth side feels ease filled and very much like me). 

Marianne’s out-of-the-box approach to growing a business made all the difference; she never tried to put me into a ‘one size fits all’ way of doing business: instead she shone a light on a way forward that is a perfect fit for me (and that has become the most successful thing I’ve done to date).

If you’ve ever looked at a business coach and wondered if they had what it took, and if they were going to ‘get’ you, then you’re in the right place. Marianne is a top business thinker who never loses sight of the ultimate goal: who you really are, and the life you are wanting to create on every level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jennifer Gresham
Owner "Everyday Bright"

This mentorship is as unique as you are

What I do differently here is make this work for you, not based on some generic idea of what a business owner of your type ‘should’ do now. We start with you, your dreams, your possibilities, and craft solutions to bring that to life. Sooner rather than later.

The changes and ideas you implement now will rebound rewards over and over for years to come. Be it about writing a book or course that makes a lasting impact, growing what you do in a way that feels more like you (online or offline), getting more time/headspace/traction/income, we got this.

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My private day mentorship with Marianne was over 6 months ago and it created epiphanies that are still having an impact today.

From the start, Marianne was brilliant at understanding not just my business but also my personal values, personality and priorities, before identifying smart, practical steps for an approach that really suits me. As a result I’ve since significantly grown my business in ways that fit me (plus I’m much clearer on what’s next and why).

I have never met anyone as good at strategy as Marianne. I travelled over from Paris for a mentorship day with her… and I’m very glad I did, as looking back I would say this day has proved worth *many* times more than my investment in it.

Lyvia Cairo
Coach and founder "Je Me Casse"