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it also comes with a free kitten* (*kitten not guaranteed)

This is for you if you have an idea of what you want to be getting paid for as your free range business, and want to know your best route from here to there (without getting lost in the crowd):

  • You get that there are things you ‘should’ be doing now but where do you start? What is your best approach to make your thing really get up and take off?
  • You have something that you’d love to make work… and you want to get paid well but do it in a way that feels like you (so you don’t feel like you’re creating another job for yourself).

Then let’s get to it.

*The MiniMBA is down for a refresh, and is not available for purchase this month*

Sorry about that… but if you are thinking “darn I was really keen to get started!” please email me by hitting reply to the email that sent you here and let me know where you’re at and what you’d most like help with!

NOTE: If you’re already launched or doing your own thing and would like to work directly with me, you can do so in a closer way via the Mentorship option here.