Why Beethoven and Richard Branson might have been failures


Beethoven was a failure. His career as a legal secretary never took off. He was ok at it, but not the best in the world.
Every Monday it was a drag to get out of bed. But he couldn’t quit. He’d worked hard for years to get where he was, and to get the skills he needed. Sure, it wasn’t his calling, but it was alright – another day another dollar, right?
Of course, that’s not true. Beethoven was known for his musical talents – but what if he was born in another family or era and if he never focussed on those skills? He’d most likely have been another average guy doing a mediocre job in an unsatisfied way.

Successful and satisfied people are successful for a reason – they have something they are really, really good at, and they do it. Because they’re really good at it, they do it better than anyone else. They stand out.
It might be a skill, an approach, whatever, but they stick to it and it pays off. What’s more, they love it.

So why aren’t we all tapping into what we’re ‘outstandingly’ good at and happily doing it?
There are a bundle of reasons, but in my experience it all comes back to two things – check them out in my article here, on the Careershifters.org website

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