Hitting a brick wall with a question or a problem? 3 ways to check you’re taking the best approach (for you)

3 smart questions

Hitting a brick wall with a question or a problem? This one’s for you.

In this experimental podcast, I talk about taking things right back to the core questions (ones we can all use!) – and explore ways to apply Free Range Thinking to check that you’re taking the best approaches to get what you want or need.

Think of this as a free range sanity check to make sure you’re putting your energy into the right questions so you can get the best solutions. Listen in here!

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What next? (Behind the scenes of this first free range podcast!).

Right now I’m loving podcasts (they’re some of my favourite things to listen to in the morning or on walks!). … and I’m considering starting a proper (actually-on-iTunes-and-other-places) podcast on free range thinking in its different guises.

So naturally the first step was to do exactly what I talk about in my book and my courses and run a free range experiment to try out a “project style” version of the bigger idea… which is what this is!

As a result I’ve purposely kept the above podcast experimental (simple audio, no script, no sound effects, no over-thinking the format…) but if it goes well I’m definitely open to expanding it to a proper podcast series. And who knows, maybe next time in a room without a faint echo, just to get fancy.

I’m sharing this in its raw form partly as I think it’s great to see “projects” in action rather than just the perfectly polished final versions – as that gives a much more realistic view of how things seed and grow. (Yup you get a podcast and a live example of a free range project / experiment all in one here!)

But I’m also sharing this with you because I think it’s an important topic for so many of us.

As always I look forward to seeing how you can apply at least ONE of the things here to your life / free range career.

Until next time,

Marianne x

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  • Tom

    Thank you for the podcast and the advice. You sound very good.
    My one recommendation is to shorten the podcast. 20 minutes is plenty of time to get your thoughts across without filling the cup to overflowing.

  • Deborah Smith

    This came at the right time for me as I am feeling stuck wanting to set my business up but not moving forward. Thank you. Just wanted to share with you that personally I would order something shorter as 40 mins is a long time to listen and I kept getting distracted. It would also be useful to be able to rewind and fast forward and I couldn’t see a way of doing that. I hope you find my feedback useful to you. Thank you for sharkng this podcast

  • Marianne + Podcast? Yes please! Need this stuff said in the world, so glad you’re doing it. Also randomly saw Malcolm Gladwell’s TED talk today where he mentioned that we’re moving away from an era of ‘searching for universals’ towards a (much needed and more sophisticated) understanding of variability. Exciting trends me thinks!

  • Thank you Deborah! I am so happy to hear this helped with where you are now, and thanks for your comments too. Listening back I completely agree on this – next time I’ll either go shorter OR keep it same length but break it up a bit with different sections to vary things – as I know that’s what I need in podcasts too 🙂 Mxx

  • Thanks Tom! Just posted a comment above agreeing with this (and also an alternative :).

  • Thanks Leah dear! Love that reference too x

  • Hey Marianne – hope you’re keeping well.

    I like this and (having been down a BIG rabbit hole myself this past year) I need to practice it more often.

    For interest – I recently discovered that what you’re talking about here is often called the ‘Socratic’ method. Apparently, the Greek philosopher Socrates (who said that he knew nothing!) had a discussion starting point of asking your difficult questions.

    It stimulates our critical thinking and illuminates our ideas (for better or worse!)

    And, of course it exposes our silly defences of ‘flawed’ ideas – we all ‘defend’ eh?

    Thanks – for that reminder – I’m keen to become the Socrates of personal financial life planning -and carry on asking the providers these fundamental, simple but difficult questions.

    Best wishes


    PS – I’m out of my ‘hole’ now – new book written – loading to Kindle tomorrow and new website opening in couple of weeks

  • Mira

    loved it! Just what I needed !

  • Deborah Smith

    Thanks Markanne breaking it up into sections is a great idea too. Wishing you success and thank you for the very helpful podcast

  • Thank you Paul! I love the Socratic method but for some reason hadn’t connected the two, thank you for pointing them out. (I often think that the most important questions to ask are the simplest but as adults we get scared to ask them, in case we sound silly).

    PS: brilliant to hear you’re releasing a book – do post the Amazon/Kindle link here as I’m sure others would love to see it.

  • Oh and Deborah: to fast-forward or go back just click on the orange or grey bits that show the progress of the audio – you can click straight to where you want to be in the audio that way (it’s SoundCloud’s app so any trouble do look them up!).

  • Deborah Smith

    Thanks Marianne tried that and it works! Sorry about that. Thank you x

  • That’s kind of you to invite this.
    Here’s the link to the Kindle. Lots of colour images.
    There’ll be a full colour print version along in a few weeks.

    Keep the ideas coming missus.

  • And be sure to check out the first chapter via the FREE “look inside” feature on Amazon. You and your beige army get a mention. And you ll get more mentions in my future books too. Free range humans is a wonderful book.

  • pratikvasa1

    Thanks for the great artical – Hanuman Chalisa

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