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Which best describes you?

I can’t decide what I REALLY want to do with my life!

What do you do when you want to do everything? You’re looking for your right-idea. But no ‘one’ career or business ticks your boxes. What if you close the door on better possibilities (or get bored)? What if it doesn’t work? 


Here’s a fresh way to find YOUR right free-range career (when you have a niggling feeling there may be other possibilities out there)

HINT: this gives you access to my flagship free audio How To Create Your Own Career When No One Job Ticks The Boxes where most free range journeys begin! If in doubt, choose this one.

I know what I want… now it’s time to make it take off, as me

You had your idea and got going. But how do you stand out from the crowd + create a brilliant full time income (on your terms) – without compromising who you are? (And without living on baked beans for the next 2 years?)


Already started (or have your idea clear?) Step this up with our 8 day “stand out from the crowd and make it work” series:

(NOTE: this series will NOT give you ideas for finding or choosing a career/business. If you are needing to choose an idea or are yet to run your first project, the option to your left is best)


About the Book

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Well alright then. Time to step things up a notch? We're on it!

 21 DAY COURSE (aka “How To Create Your Own Career When No One Job Ticks The Boxes”)

What do you do when you want to do everything?

The 21 Day Course is the ‘DIY’ course for people who have a bunch of ‘half ideas’ of what they might, maybe want to do – but no idea how to know which is really right. You’re not sure what you want to (or can) do, and don’t want to keep going around in circles for the next 6 months trying to figure it out?

This is for you:

(If you’re indecisive, this might even have your name engraved on it)

You can go directly to the 21 Day course joining page right here

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BTW most of the words about this course focus on people who are in jobs and wanting to work out their next steps, however if you have started on your free range career, but have a niggling feeling there might be other possibilities out there, the content in this course is still a great place for fresh perspective.

Bottom line: if you’re interested in lots of things, have that nagging feel that things aren’t exactly right and looking for a new direction? This one’s for you:

Join us from the 21 Day course joining page right here

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This private mentorship is for people who are already out there running their own thing (or are on the edge of it) – rising stars who would like Marianne’s personal input, with her undivided attention on your business (and you!) for a full day or more:

It is a unique place for high level work to get things working way better for you in terms of income, time freedom and more… and to do it in line with the person you are: no “one size fits all” or “follow the leader” template in sight.

Who is this for?

People who are running their own thing… who have done well getting it to this stage and now want the final piece (be it consistent income, or regular time off!) to fall into place with much more ease.

You’re the sort of person who is used to being “top of the class” in group programmes, know you zoom ahead given the right direction… but secretly feel a bit beyond the billion-and-one “follow the leader” models out there now, and would love guidance to make the next steps fall into place in a way that really fits who you are.

If this is you and you’re interested in working more closely with Marianne, click through here to see how

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