The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen [interview]

Ever had an idea, got excited… only to find that somehow the idea never got off the ground? And by ‘ever’ I really mean ‘do you do that all the freaking time?’.

What stops those ideas – which seem so great the moment you think of them! – from happening? A few options: maybe you start to doubt them; maybe life gets in the way; maybe a big barrier comes up that makes it seem impossible, either way the outcome is the same: ideas don’t get much further than your head.

Here’s a way out of that cycle. I was speaking with Ian Sanders, co-author of Zoom: The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen. Ian is a master at spotting big ideas and making them happen – getting around the ‘idea death’ trap – and we were talking about these very topics.

Ian is full of fascinating ideas and perspectives but what I like most about him is that he cuts the crap and talks about what REALLY matters. No long business plans, no fake-strategy, just the core of what you really need and how to start now. Yup, exactly how Free Range Humans do it!

Click below to watch these 2 minutes of juicy bites of our alternative views on getting idea and making things happen, featuring Ian riffing on everything from finding that first great idea to what to do with it after that (busting the myth that keeps most people stuck).

Also features advice from a 70s rock star, and why we are standing on the roof of a London art gallery. Check it:

If you want more on Ian check out his book Zoom: The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen. Very free range friendly (and if you like this interview, remember to Tweet or Facebook it and share the love!)

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    Wonderful stuff!!

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  • andrewlee1

    “Deadlines. I love deadlines – I love the sound they make as they go wooshing by.” Douglas Adams!

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